Will the real Truth please stand up?

Good Tuesday everyone!

Praying for mercy, restoration and healing for all affected in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. I am especially praying for those who lost loved ones. Another reminder of how time is so precious!

I am seeing so much confusion in Christians on what truth really is. Many were polled and they say that truth is just relative, and not absolute. I am hearing the terms “my truth” and “your truths” often. Where is this coming from? I believe these terms come from today’s counseling world? Did you know that most if not all counseling programs are based upon Freud’s theories? This includes Christian and non-Christian programs. You may know much more about Freud than I do, but everything I know about him totally contradicts biblical teachings. How is it okay for a Christian school to adopt a theory that appears to include sexually abusing kids? How is it that a college degree so often more highly regarded than seeking wisdom from the True Instruction Book? A Book by the way which actually started science and true council.

It saddens me now to see the epidemic breakdown of the family now. I am sure I will step on many toes, and I am sorry in advance. It is not my intention here. But it is heartbreaking how many are advised to handle their lives the way Freud would have done it. Personally I come from one of the most broken type of family. I have been so blessed to have the Lord show me what a wonderful godly family and marriage is supposed to look like by surrounding me with many. Many people who truly seek God and are committed for life to their families and marriages. Most of all to God and His way of love, respect and commitment. I was also gifted with a precious prayer group for over 15 years now where we have seen so much godly transformation as a result of committing to pray for each other. So important who and what we surround ourselves with.

Many are now advised to set boundaries, which are really barriers to only separate and divide, to protect us from the people who may love us the most. Please do not get me wrong, boundaries are good! But if they cause fear and walls instead of truly taking the time and effort to work on things, than they are only barriers, and will not help but hinder.

Relationships are hard sometimes. They take work! They take time! I wonder what would happen if God just got mad at us and just gave up on us, built a barrier and just stopped talking with us or just replaced us? His love is the only way to truly love. He is love and He created love. This love that everyone talks about today reminds me of the “love” of the 60’s. all about what makes “us” feel good and not really about the other person at all.

Jesus says: True love lays his life down for his friends. Love our Neighbor as ourselves and HE also tells husbands to love their wives as they love the church. All about the other person and not self.

The bible tells us to get council. It even goes as far as to say: Proverbs 11:14 (NKJV) Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety. Be sure that the counsel is coming from the One Who truly knows all sides. Not one, (as well meaning and loving as they can be) that learned it from a person or a book written by another who has unhealthy relationships. Let’s break the chain! Let’s keep letting Jesus transform our relationships. We will have set backs for sure! But let’s not allow satan to keep us there! Cry out to God more than to others. Trying to win approval and destroy another’s character to get sympathy will ALWAYS eventually backfire on you. No exception here. Get up and allow the Spirit to continue shaping and molding you.

Let’s make a decision that today is the day we truly will make a difference in our own lives because our life will always touch many others. The Truth will set us free! Jesus is the only true Healer! No person can replace another. You leave one husband, friend or even a job and the very same will likely to happen eventually with the next. True healing starts in our hearts with Jesus. It starts with looking in the mirror and repenting and forgiving. Love is doing what is right for the one you love regardless of what you feel, not as the world often teaches, about self. Just like Jesus did for each one of us even though HE did not want to go to the cross. Thank YOU JESUS!


Fatima Eid


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