Sheryl Griffin

Sheryl edited“Sometimes when we think we have our life all planned out and everything in it’s place, God reveals a new plan and creates a new passion within your heart.”

>In 2007, Sheryl Griffin suffered a severe panic attack which led to the diagnoses of post traumatic stress disorder, along with panic and anxiety. This led her on a quest to find answers to the many questions she had regarding her past, her choices, and things that happened to her. She slowly began to recognize patterns in her life:

1. Always taking responsibility for others choices and behaviors.
2. Putting things under the rug-never confronting.
3. Ignoring red flags in relationships.

She began to journal at her doctors request; she soon realized God had a much bigger plan than simply helping her find the answers to the questions she sought. It is a plan that she never dreamed of, but it has become a purpose and passion in her heart. The purpose is clear: to share the message of hope and all that comes with it; grace, mercy, freedom, and forgiveness.

Sheryl will be speaking on Boundaries:

What are boundaries?

Why are boundaries important in relationships?

Are boundaries Biblical?

Creating and maintaining boundaries in your life


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