Rick Heil


If you’re a fan of Christian music you’ve probably heard their name before. Sonicflood travels the world and performs before thousands. But the lead singer of the Grammy nominated group doesn’t let fame go to his head. Rick Heil’s mind is on one thing… lifting up the name of Jesus.

“It’s almost like eating lots of candy,” Rick tells The 700 Club. “I mean you get to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world, sing worship songs to Jesus, and dance for the Lord.” When Rick takes the stage, you’ll see a living, breathing miracle – a man healed of an incurable disease. Now he lives to tell about it… years of chronic pain, God’s healing power, and how he went from death to life.

“I guess I felt like my hope had been lost when I was growing up with the illness and dealing with it and really not feeling like I had any hope for a change in life,” says Rick.

Rick’s life didn’t start out that way. He was a healthy child with a passion for playing the guitar. But by age 11, the pain hit, and Rick began losing weight. Doctors found evidence of Crohn’s Disease, a severe intestinal disorder. “When I was first diagnosed, I was dealing with a lot of pain I’d never felt before, and the pain is not in your arm or in your hand or your extremities. It is in the core of your person.” Rick underwent multiple surgeries to remove eight feet of his intestines. “As I got older and the disease continued to progress and I spent a lot of time in the hospital going through many tests and being fed intravenously for long periods of time. I really started to think that I was sort of alone in this.” Bitterness and depression swallowed any hope of a healthy life, and his will to live began to fade.

Come and hear Rick’s amazing grace story!


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