Fatima Eid


Literally delivered out of Egypt as a young child, Fatima grew up in Wisconsin in a Muslim home with much of Islam’s traditions and expectations. Experiencing the relentless love and protection of our God as an adult through very difficult times  and risking all that seemed important, she seeked after, came to know and deeply love The One that Knew her and saved her even in her mother’s womb. Now Fatima is passionately committed to  live solely for Jesus Christ.

Fatima has a beautiful daughter who was used mightily by God to introduce her to the bible as well as teach her much about the love of Jesus. Natasha who also loves the Lord and is an Adoption Counselor.

In addition to multiple TV appearances, having sat on numerous panels, Fatima speaks at and coordinates conferences, leads prayer groups, speaks to women’s groups as well as to men’s groups. She also services as deacon at her church.

A follower of Jesus Christ that longs to share what He has done in her life. A life that is fully transformed, promises being fulfilled. Victory over abuse, divorce, illnesses. There is peace and joy even in trials..not necessarily only after. Hope and truth that needs to be shared with a hurting and broken world! There IS healing, and He is no respector of person. He so loved the world!


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