Renew our relationships Lord

Have you had enough broken relationships by now? Me too. The Lord is in the business of restoration and it’s so possible to have this day be the beginning of the best part of your life. It all starts with God…..and your cell phone.

It’s time to make a commitment to work on what you want to keep. We can’t keep up with 20, 300, 1,000 or 5.000 friends. We may be able to text 3, 5 or even more at the same time, but the truth is this leaves us tired, missing out on very important part of them. Like maybe feeling their hearts. We can’t be everything to anyone, but maybe we can make a difference to a few.

I see so many relationships damaged, so many misunderstandings and even relationships ending due to today’s popular choices of communicating.  I see a huge difference in such a short time. In the past there were two major reasons for troubled marriages, even divorces and other relationships. Money and communication.  I am a firm believer that most if not all broken relationships occurred due to miscommunications/misunderstandings.

With all the increased need for purchasing so many more effective devices to stay in touch this has not changed. If anything it has increased. We have so lost the beauty of a smile, eye contact, a frown, a touch or even the silence of just being still and listening to a friend’s heart. Sad to see those exepensive phones, computers, iPads, Internet and of course social media have replaced real relationships. Depression has increased. Suicides increased.  Emotional, mental and physical health increased. People are more lonely than ever.

These types of communication are incredibly important and I am beyond grateful for them. They are so much fun. They are tools to bring more people together if we use them wisely. I have been reunited via internet with so many people that I never would have had contact with.  I would not have been able to do my jobs the past 11 years. Much good!  If they do not become a way to hide behind, a replacement for personal face to face time. if they are not an addiction. If we don’t allow them to contribute to even more broken relationships. If we control them and don’t allow them to control us. They can and do bless us.

We are made for relationships. First for a relationship with God, and than His people. Reach out to someone today. In person. And when you get there, turn off your phone and give them your full attention. Give them a genuine part of your heart.


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