Renew our relationships Lord

Have you had enough broken relationships by now? Me too. The Lord is in the business of restoration and it’s so possible to have this day be the beginning of the best part of your life. It all starts with God…..and your cell phone.

It’s time to make a commitment to work on what you want to keep. We can’t keep up with 20, 300, 1,000 or 5.000 friends. We may be able to text 3, 5 or even more at the same time, but the truth is this leaves us tired, missing out on very important part of them. Like maybe feeling their hearts. We can’t be everything to anyone, but maybe we can make a difference to a few.

I see so many relationships damaged, so many misunderstandings and even relationships ending due to today’s popular choices of communicating.  I see a huge difference in such a short time. In the past there were two major reasons for troubled marriages, even divorces and other relationships. Money and communication.  I am a firm believer that most if not all broken relationships occurred due to miscommunications/misunderstandings.

With all the increased need for purchasing so many more effective devices to stay in touch this has not changed. If anything it has increased. We have so lost the beauty of a smile, eye contact, a frown, a touch or even the silence of just being still and listening to a friend’s heart. Sad to see those exepensive phones, computers, iPads, Internet and of course social media have replaced real relationships. Depression has increased. Suicides increased.  Emotional, mental and physical health increased. People are more lonely than ever.

These types of communication are incredibly important and I am beyond grateful for them. They are so much fun. They are tools to bring more people together if we use them wisely. I have been reunited via internet with so many people that I never would have had contact with.  I would not have been able to do my jobs the past 11 years. Much good!  If they do not become a way to hide behind, a replacement for personal face to face time. if they are not an addiction. If we don’t allow them to contribute to even more broken relationships. If we control them and don’t allow them to control us. They can and do bless us.

We are made for relationships. First for a relationship with God, and than His people. Reach out to someone today. In person. And when you get there, turn off your phone and give them your full attention. Give them a genuine part of your heart.


It’s Good Friday!

No better day to start what you have been putting off. I have put off writing a blog for maybe years? Some may have thought that I have been using Facebook for blogging. Maybe I have.

The first Good Friday well over 2000 years ago no doubt had to have been the most difficult, not to mention painful day of Jesus’s 33 years on earth. He experienced betrayal by the people He was closest to. Attacked verbally, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually unlike any of us will ever know! Ultimately Jesus died of a broken heart and not the physical tragedy He endured! Yes! A broken heart! The beautiful thing is He already knew all this would happen to Him, and He still chose to wash the feet of His betrayers the night before.

Starting a thousand years prior to Jesus being born, there were over 351 prophesies that were recorded and then later fulfilled. Every word inspired fully by the Creator and written by men chosen by God. Many whom never even met each other much less ever met Jesus. All the eye witnesses before and during the time of His betrayal, during the crucifixion and especially after! By the way, this method of execution was not even ever practiced when it was first predicted. There were over 500 eye witnesses that saw Jesus alive after they saw Him die on the cross! Not to mention all the Apostles that walked and lived with Him, and then some wrote about Him.

No one else dared to claim they were God! No one else offered to die in our place to save us from our sin! Many use Him as the ultimate example for His ability to forgive what seems to us to be totally unforgivable. The same people do not believe in His deity or that He died on the cross, but will quote what He said on the cross “forgive them for they do not know what they have done.” I was one of them before His grace and melted my heart. I believed part of this truth. Now I understand that part of any truth is really no truth at all! I came to realize you either believe all of what Jesus said or none of what He said! If He was REALLY a good man, was this just part-time? How can one believe that He born of a virgin, performed miracles unlike any before or after Him, and stop there? If He did not die on the cross, than who did? How did the witnesses that reported seeing Him after He rose again see His nail-scared hands or pierced side?

Just for the record, a true believer does not believe in “three” gods. There is only “One” God. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are ONE…..not three gods, just ONE. This makes no sense and sounds contradicting? This is what makes Him the One and only God! So Holy! So indescribable! We cannot begin to understand this incredible and so amazing truth fully! This is why HE is the One true God. His ways are not our ways! But we can ask Him to show us Himself and you will be amazed of what He will begin to reveal! His love is unlike any love you have or ever will experience in your life. His grace is beyond comprehension! His mercies are new every morning! He always keeps His word! Always dependable and always trustworthy! He is the only true Healer and true Redeemer! He is the only one that can be with you ALWAYS. He is the only one that is ALL powerful and All knowing! He is the only one that can be all places at the Same time. The only one that can be our Peace and Joy. He knows your thoughts before you even think them. He knows our hearts better than we do and loves us anyway! And He even cared enough to number the hairs on your head….7 billion heads. He cares to know you intimately just as if you were the only one on this earth. He cares to have a one on one relationship with you and I. Please do not just take my word for all this. After all, I am only a woman. Human and frail! Do the research yourself. First ask the One True God to show you truth and He will.

Yes, it is Friday and yes, Sunday is probably coming. But none of us is promised even the rest of this day my friend. No, this is absolutely not a fear tactic. Not by far my friend. This is so much better than that. It is so out of loving God so much and desiring to love His people so deep that I want what He says He wants…None to parish and none to be deceived. Jesus is they Way, the Truth and the Life. He says so, and He does not force Himself on us. You chose this day whom you will serve.

Blessings Everyone,

Fatima Eid

Jennifer O’Neill to Keynote Conference


Acclaimed actress, model and author Jennifer O’Neill will serve as the keynote speaker for the inaugural A Time to Hope, A Time to Heal women’s event.  The conference, which is set for March 16, 2013 will encompass the entire day, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and will include worship led by Rick Heil, lead singer of Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winning worship band, SonicFlood. Conference attendees will also enjoy fellowship time with other women, access to ministry resources, opportunities to chat and eat lunch with speakers, and time for personal prayer. Internationally acclaimed model, actress, film and television star, spokesperson, producer, author, fundraiser and proud mother of three. With thirty-five plus feature films, numerous television movies and series to her credit, Jennifer is the first to tell you she is truly blessed.

Ms. O’Neill has served as Chairperson for the American Cancer Society, as well as being a staunch supporter of the Retinitis Pigmetosa Foundation, the ASPCA, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. She is the International Spokesperson for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, and recently hosted a one hour special for World Vision shot in Africa concerning the HIV epidemic. Currently, Jennifer shares her love of horses at her Equine-Assisted Hope and Healing at Hillenglade Gatherings in Nashville, TN, serving girls, women, and Military families.

As an author, Ms. O’Neill has penned her autobiography, CoverStory, and her latest novel, All That Glitters. Her published works include: From Fallen to Forgiven, You’re Not Alone (with healing workbooks and videos), Surviving Myself, and the Circle of Friends… Just Off Main fiction series.  Her feature film, Hillenglade, is presently in pre-production and is due for a 2013 release.

Jennifer O’Neill embraces her hope and healing theme by sharing her life’s experiences with a passion, humor and enthusiasm that resonates with all generations.